“I believe good health care starts with an authentic relationship between doctor and patient, and it is best delivered when we work as a team.”  

How did Olp Family Medicine of Carmel start?
Well, it’s personal.

In my 15 years as a doctor, I heard so many stories of patients left confused by hospital visits, frustrated by their experiences at clinics, and general feelings of being lost when they couldn’t get anyone to talk to them. In 2012, I found myself in the shoes of the patient. As I struggled to find a diagnosis for the pain I was having in my leg, I found that trying to get in front of a doctor to get answers was extremely frustrating and nearly an impossible task.  By 2012, the pain had been progressing for 11 years, and no one (except me) was very interested in solving my problem. I was eventually able to navigate towards health and recovery, but I emerged from the experience with a newfound purpose: I wanted to become the doctor I needed. I wanted to be an advocate for my patients and accessible to my patients.

Without easy access to my primary care doctor, I had to order my own tests to get information – something I would not have been able to do if I were not a physician myself.  This was after having seen nine specialists (all self-referred) and undergoing an unnecessary surgery on my leg at Johns Hopkins. I finally made my own diagnosis through tests I ordered on my own and was able to direct myself to the appropriate surgeon. Since then, I’ve had two more surgeries on an emergent basis because I could not get in to talk to the doctor when I first began having a problem.  On top of this, I found the medical bills surprising and astronomical. The lack of transparency in billing  was shocking. This is only one of several frustrating experiences I had as a patient, but it left me with a mission to change how I am doing things. I knew that if I, as a doctor, found navigating the system frustrating and expensive, it is even worse for patients who are not on the inside of the system. I needed to make a change to serve my patients the way I needed to be served by my  physician, and when I discovered the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, I knew it was right.

Care Philosophy and Mission Statement

My experience as a patient shed light on the fact that access to a doctor, physician advocacy, and thoughtful care are missing from today’s health care system.  My mission in starting a DPC practice is to provide these three things for my patients – access, advocacy and thoughtful care – so that they don’t have the same experience I had.  I believe that health care starts with an authentic relationship between patient and doctor.  Everyone should be heard and given adequate time to tell their story, not just a 15 minute office visit to check vitals and boxes on a chart.  Getting information should be convenient and timely, and billing should be transparent so there are no surprises. I believe in using my education and experience to their full potential to provide thoughtful and innovative treatment options for the whole patient – physical, mental and emotional, and I promise to stay current with the most up-to-date medical information.  I believe that the best care is delivered when physician and patient work together as a team, with the patient in the driver’s seat, so that they not only receive answers to questions or get an accurate diagnosis, but also so that they live healthier, happier lives.  

I hope that by taking time to listen and being present for you during your time in the office or virtually by video, phone, or email, I inspire trust and dependability. I envision a practice where people don’t hesitate to contact me when they need something. I believe, through convenient access to a trusted partner in health, they can live a life free of stress about their healthcare and full of possibility.  I hope to be able to keep you healthy rather than always treating you when you’re sick.

This dream of a healthier life resulting from access to a doctor who truly knows and cares for you should be available to everyone – no matter geography, background, or education. That’s why I believe Direct Primary Care is the best way to practice medicine.  For a small monthly fee, it allows total access to your doctor and covers most services required during your appointment.  I hope that by being available to you, I will be able to avoid ordering a lot of medical testing and referrals to specialists, unless these things are necessary to your care, and that we can focus on your wellness and not your illness.    

The life I want for my practice and patients

Don’t let your health stress you out!