You deserve to be heard, not just seen

Too many people lose sleep on WebMD at 3 am, suffer through long waits at the MinuteClinic with their families, or fight feelings of frustration at Urgent Care because they can’t get access to their own doctor when they need it.

I believe health care was never meant to be a frustrating journey, but rather an experience that is rooted in an authentic relationship with a trusted partner in health.  You should be able to talk to your doctor when you need her and get answers that work for you in a timely manner.  

At Olp Family Medicine of Carmel, you won’t simply be seen – you will be heard.

A trusted friend and advocate

Care that is available to all

Authentic Relationships,
Honest Care

The goal of Olp Family Medicine of Carmel is to provide access to honest care through authentic relationships. Dr. Olp builds these relationships by taking the time to have a conversation, being fully present both in the exam room and in all of her virtual communication, and by inspiring the trust and respect needed to talk about all aspects of your health – physical, emotional, and mental.

More time to listen

Dr. Olp will typically spend 45 min with each patient during each visit.

Present from anywhere, anytime

Dr. Olp is committed to being present when you need her most. If you can’t make it in the office and you’re sick on the couch at night, or you’re just feeling weird, she’s there for you via text, phone call, or video call.

Unlimited Visits and No Hidden Fees

Once a member, you’ll have unlimited visits to the office and unrestricted access to Dr. Olp through text, email, and telemedicine. Plus, we will always be up-front and transparent with our prices, so there are no surprises.

Have more questions?

We have answers!

Live your life well!
Dr. Olp is here to listen.

Our memberships are simple.
For a monthly fee, you gain access to Dr. Olp for as long as you need to see her.