Direct Primary Care in Carmel

Today’s medical field is fraught with legal landmines, confusing insurance policies and  expensive care charges. It is very difficult to get timely access to your doctor, and when you do, there is little time to spend together.  Whether you’re sick, have questions, or just want wellness advice, you deserve to see a doctor when you need one without jumping through loopholes or explaining your health to your insurance. That’s why Dr. Ashlie Olp of Olp Family Medicine of Carmel subscribes to the Direct Primary Care model of medicine.

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, splits from traditional insurance-based models of primary care and provides patients with more direct attention from their physician when they need it. Building a relationship with your doctor is nothing revolutionary; it’s just the fastest path to better health.  For example, DPC subscribers report 82% fewer surgeries and 65% fewer ER visits.

A physician that offers Direct Primary Care simply does not bill insurance or third-party payers for patient care. By working directly with our patients, we’re able to lower our overhead while we simultaneously improve access to care, provide more time to patients,  and decrease waiting times. This gives you more one-on-one attention from your physician at affordable cash pricing.

With a simple monthly retainer fee, you have unlimited contact, shorter wait times and more visitation time with your primary care physician without the influence of insurance.  This ensures your doctor is compensated for her time while keeping costs lower for you than they would be with a traditional care plan. Typical appointments last up to 45 minutes. This gives you enough time to understand the problem and your treatment.  Your annual physical and wellness care is covered under this fee, as well as any other office visits.  You will have access to your doctor with telemedicine and email as well, which should provide convenience and timely access to information.   

How is DPC different?

Unlike insurance-based care, DPC gives you access to unlimited doctor visits, free office care and more time with your doctor. Plus, you pay less through a subscription than you would with your premiums. Many Direct Primary Care patients keep their high deductible and catastrophic care policies for emergencies. Insured patients can typically receive reimbursement from insurance carriers for care received in a DPC practice via claims process with an itemized bill for review. Your DPC Physician still has full power to order any tests or refer to specialists just as they would in a traditional practice.

With over 15 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Olp has helped Carmel and its surrounding areas stay healthy. When you visit Olp Family Medicine of Carmel, not only do you get more individualized medical attention for less money and waiting room time, you get access to Dr. Olp through email, phone and virtual visits. Dr. Olp only provides referrals and testing if necessary for your condition and makes a point to spend as much time with each of her patients as needed. Because she has the time, Dr. Olp works with patients not just to treat, but help you lead a healthier life.  See the difference at our Direct Primary Care practice today.

Why Olp Family Medicine of Carmel?